School Mission

Our Mission Statement

‘Let your light shine.’

Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will have the light of life.’

John 8:v12

At St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School we believe in and celebrate, the uniqueness of each child as created in the image of God. We aim to provide a high quality education and environment where each person can develop their individual potential. Christ’s example of love and care, shown by St Vincent de Paul, is encouraged through every aspect of school life and developed in partnership with parents, the parish and in the wider community.

As a voluntary aided Roman Catholic School, Religious Education is an integral part of our ethos, aims and relationships. Our faith permeates all aspects of school life. We believe that links between home, school and parish are vital. The aim of Religious Education in St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School is to promote the catholic vision of the importance and independence of every person, as created in the image and likeness of God.  This vision inspires and encourages the beliefs and values, which are lived out in the daily life of our catholic school.  


The Religious Education curriculum in St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School aims to promote:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and life;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the response of faith to questions relating to awe and wonder;
  • The skills required to engage in a reflection upon religious belief and practice.


At St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, we provide:

  • A developing knowledge and understanding of the mystery of God and Jesus Christ, of the Church, and of the central beliefs which catholics hold;
  • A programme for wonder, awe, reverence and imagination for the spiritual development of our children;
  • Opportunities for celebration through prayer and reflection in implicit and explicit ways;
  • Promote the language of religious experience through activities, symbols, rituals, places, people and objects.
  • Foster appropriate attitudes in the modern world, taking into account living in a diverse multicultural, multi-faith society.
  • Help to enable the adults involved to have some underlying theological and educational principles.
  • Teach about and use appropriate materials about other faiths.
  • Support for our RE leaders to advise and assist colleagues about the curriculum, resources available and ideas.

Contact the School

St Vincent's Catholic Primary School

Orchard Road
WA15 8EY

Main Contact: Headteacher Mrs A Harrop

Tel: 0161 911 8040


We couldn’t be happier with St Vincent’s, our children are really happy there. - Parent Survey
It is a wonderful environment, our children are flourishing - Parent Survey
The school ethos gives the children excellent opportunities to develop their spirituality and knowledge of their faith. - Parent Survey
It is a really friendly school, I have been made to feel very welcome. - Parent Survey
We love St Vincent’s, keep doing what you are doing! - Parent Survey