Annual Governance Statement

The Board of Governors


Type of Governor

Current term of office expires

Mrs Anita Harrop


Statutory Right

Mr Stuart Nicholls

Staff Governor


Mrs Cathy Belford

Associate Governor


Mr Adrian Godding

Associate Governor


Mr Oliver Gilmartin

Parent Governor


Mrs Sarah Butler

Parent Governor (Vice chair)


Mrs Patricia Young

LA Governor


Canon John Rafferty

Foundation Governor


Mr Raymond Machell QC

Foundation Governor


Mrs Dinah Davis

Foundation Governor


Mrs Christina Burns

Foundation Governor 


Mrs Joanne Donnachie

Foundation Governor (Chair)


Mr George Tsiantar

Foundation Governor


Ms Louise Dickinson

Foundation Governor


Mr Ciaran Farrell

Associate Governor Resigned June 2017

Mrs Eithne Lister

Associate Governor Resigned 30/10/2016

Mr Aidan McCann

Staff Governor Resigned 08/11/2016

Clerk to Governors

Trafford Governor Services, 2nd Floor Waterside House, Sale M33 7ZF.  Contact: Julie Lawson, Governor Services Manager 0161 912 3218 or contact Carla Castro, School Business Manager at the School.


Finance Committee

Curriculum Committee

Pay Review Committee

Louise Dickinson* (Chair)

Dinah Davis* (Chair)

Jo Donnachie* (Chair/clerk)

Jo Donnachie* (Vice Chair)

Sarah Butler* (Vice Chair/ Clerk)

Anita Harrop (in attendance)

Anita Harrop

Anita Harrop

Dinah Davis*

Carla Castro (in attendance)

Canon John Rafferty*

Louise Dickinson*

Ivana Beckett (in attendance)

Christina Burns*

Adrian Godding (school only)


Stuart Nicholls

Cathy Belford (nursery & SSC only)

Sharon Tiernan (in attendance)



Simon Blain (in attendance)


Ivana Beckett (in attendance)



Buildings and Health & Safety Committee

Admissions Committee

Human Resources Committee

Oliver Gilmartin* (Chair/ Clerk)

Raymond Machell* (Chair/Clerk)

Adrian Godding (Chair/ Clerk)

George Tsiantar* (Vice Chair)

Anita Harrop

Dinah Davis* 

Patricia Young*

Sarah Butler*

Anita Harrop

Jo Donnachie*

Jo Donnachie*

Canon John Rafferty*

Anita Harrop

Carla Castro (in attendance) 

Cathy Belford

Carla Castro (in attendance)


Jo Donnachie*

Lawrence Brindley (in attendance)



Ivana Beckett (in attendance)



Nursery/SSC Human Resources Committee Head's Preformance Review


Cathy Belford (Chair/ Clerk)

Jo Donnachie* (Chair)  

Jo Donnachie*

Adrian Godding  

Anita Harrop

Dinah Davis*  

Dinah Davis*

Adviser - Clive Davis (Focus)  

Adrian Godding*


Ivana Beckett (in attendance)

*Governors eligible for Appeals Committee     

Remits for the Committees are available on request from the School and are included in our Governors’ Manual.

Linked Governors


Area of Responsibility

School Link Reporting Committee

Canon John Rafferty

Religious Education

A McCann/ D McDuff Curriculum

Christina Burns

Numicon development 

C OKeefe/ E Butler Curriculum

Dinah Davis/ Anita Harrop

Nursery/ Sunshine Club

I Beckett Board

Sarah Butler

Engaging boys/ teaching, reading and comprehension 

C Sutton/ O Coffey Curriculum

Jo Donnachie

Child Protection & Safeguarding

A Harrop HR & Board
Dinah Davis

Pupil Premium/ SEND/ Looked After Children

S Tiernan/ N Farrell Board

Oliver Gilmartin

Parking & Security

C Castro Buildings/ H&S

George Tsiantar

Health & Safety

C Castro H&S / Board

Ray Machell


C Castro Board

Sarah Butler

e-Safety S Blain Curriculum

Cathy Belford

Wellbeing Strategy N Sheldon Board
Jo Donnachie

Sustainability of Initiatives (Growth Mindset, EAL, Dyslexia Friendly School, Writing Structure, Pupil Led Worship, Marking Scheme)

A Harrop Board
Sarah Butler

Pupil Progress/ Diminishing the Difference

S Blain/ S Tiernan Board


Remits for Linked Governors are available on request from the School 


Academic Year 2014/2015

94% attendance at Board of Governors’ meetings

94% attendance at committee meetings

Academic Year 2015/2016

86% attendance at Board of Governors’ meetings

97.4% attendance at committee meetings

Academic Year 2016/2017

Governor Attendance at Committee Meetings Attendance at Board Meetings
Anita Harrop 100% (25/25) 3/3
Jo Donnachie 70% (16/23) 3/3
Christina Burns 100% (4/4) 3/3
Fr John Rafferty 100% (9/9) 3/3
Oliver Gilmartin 100% (5/5) 3/3
George Tsiantar 80% (4/5) 2/3
Dinah Davis 100% (14/14) 3/3
Stuart Nicholls 100% (4/4) 3/3
Sarah Butler 100% (4/4) 3/3
Ray Machell N/A 3/3
Louise Dickinson 100% (8/8) 3/3
Patricia Young 60% (3/5) 2/3
Cathy Belford 83% (5/6) 3/3
Adrian Godding 67% (4/6) 2/3


Chair's Statement/ Statement from the Board

Please see annual letter from the Chair of Governors on the following link:


Calendar of Training 2016/2017

Board of Governors’ Training and Workshops 2016/2017


Leading St. Vincent’s into the Future

2nd November 2016

Vision, Strategy, School Development Plan

8th November 2016

Raise on Line

14th November 2016

Expectations of Governors; Review of the Board of Governors

2nd March 2017

Raise on Line results and Fisher Family Trust

7th March 2017

Mastery & Greater Depth

13th June 2017

Individual Governor Training 2016/2017


Prevent Duty for Governors- Jo Donnachie

5th November 2016

Chairs Network Meetings – Jo Donnachie

11th November 2016, 16th May 2017

New Competency Framework for Governance – Anita Harrop

6th February 2017

Pupil Discipline & Exclusion Committee- Adrian Godding

13th July 2017

Roles & Responsibilities for Governors- Adrian Godding

28th March 2017

Safeguarding for Governors- Jo Donnachie, Adrian Godding

15th & 20th June 2017

Prevent Duty Training- Christina Burns

June 2017

Termly Diocesan Briefing- Jo Donnachie, Cathy Belford, Sarah Butler, Dinah Davis


Annual Diocesan Conference – Jo Donnachie

November 2016


Calendar of Training 2017/2018

Safeguarding Training for Governors

7th November 2017

ASP (new Raise on Line)

23rd November 2017

Diminishing the Difference

27th February 2018

Wellbeing for Pupils  & Staff

12th June 2018

Review of ‘Leading St. Vincent’s into the Future’

Summer term

Diocesan Briefings


Diocesan Annual Governors’ Conference

11th November 2017

Calendar of Meetings


Board Meeting


 7 November 2017


 27 February 2018


 12 June 2018

Code of Conduct

Please see Code of Conduct at the end of this page.

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