Pupil Voice

We consider pupil voice to be very important in school. We often consult the pupils on school issues. In school we have a variety of pupil groups. The groups are listed below:

  • School Council
  • Junior Leadership Team
  • Pupil Learning Committee
  • Year 6 Prefects
  • Mini Vinnies
  • ECO Warriors
  • Computing Safety Leaders 
  • Class Captains

The groups provide one way of working with the pupils to develop aspects of school. They also provide excellent opportunities for pupils to lead school intiivatives. 

Spotlight On Our School Council

Meet our School Council. Our school council is a committed group of pupils who represent the views of pupils in school. Pupil voice is important and we love to hear about all of their exciting ideas!

Our School Council is a group of pupils, with representatives from every class, who represent the views and opinions of their fellow pupils and give them an opportunity to have their say.

We start every year in September with an invitation open to all pupils, who have not already been a member of the School Council, to put themselves forward to be part of the school council.

We talk in classes about responsible positions in society that we vote for example; MPs or the Mayor. In classes the children have an opportunity to talk about the kind of qualities that they would look for in a person who represents them, e.g. they would have to be approachable, able to talk in public, patient, confident, a good listener and a kind friend.

The children who would like to be considered for the role then prepare for and make a short speech to their class, explaining any of their own ideas that they would like to bring to the school council and why they think that they would be good for the job.

The School Council is elected by secret vote by the children in each class and every year they choose an amazing group of children who are bursting with ideas about how we can make our school even better.

The School Council meet regularly to talk about how things are going in their classes and if there are any suggestions, worries, concerns or ideas about how to improve our school.


We started this year raising the visible profile of the School Council by having a week where the School Council members braved every weather in the playground, armed with clipboards, to collect ideas, opinions and suggestions. They also made suggestion boxes to keep in their classrooms to collect any other ideas.

We then meet to decide what we can do, who can help us in doing it, and how we can do it. Unfortunately it is not always possible to fulfil every wish or suggestion, even though I’m sure that we’d all love a swimming pool, giant trampoline or go kart track around the playground!

Some of the suggestions that we have tackled during the Autumn term have been;

  • To talk to our sports coaches about the possibility of competing in competitions for sports other than football and netball.
  • To find a quiet place in the playground for reading (once the weather improves)!
  • To have dance and gymnastics clubs

Our biggest project last term was the Book Fair organised by the school council to raise money to buy new books for our school library.

The School Council decided to hold a competition to design a poster to advertise the Book Fair, which got everyone involved and excited!

In the week leading up to the Book Fair we had lots of donations of great books that children had enjoyed themselves and wanted other children to enjoy too. The day of the Fair finally came and we started to organise the books ready for our eager customers.

Lots of children came to buy a book for their brother or sister, cousin or friend… and maybe a book or two for themselves! The Fair was a huge success, raising £236!

One of our next jobs in the School Council will be to decide how we are going to spend the money; I’m sure that the children will love helping to choose the books!

We are also working with the Mini Vinnies on an idea to combine fund raising with an opportunity to show off some of the musical talent in our school….watch out for further details about this later in the year.


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We couldn’t be happier with St Vincent’s, our children are really happy there. - Parent Survey
It is a wonderful environment, our children are flourishing - Parent Survey
The school ethos gives the children excellent opportunities to develop their spirituality and knowledge of their faith. - Parent Survey
It is a really friendly school, I have been made to feel very welcome. - Parent Survey
We love St Vincent’s, keep doing what you are doing! - Parent Survey